Tuesday, June 8, 2010

During the Weekend.......

I realized it has been a good while since I dipped into my beauty stash. I decided why not get back into it with a simple look.


***DISCLAIMER*** I don't do this as a profession and this is just something that is a hobby and I just like to do it for fun!

Products that were used are all MAC unless stated other wise:

  • Painterly paint pot as a base
  • Naked pigment all over lid
  • Swiss Chocolate e/s on the crease 
  • Shroom e/s as the highlight 
  • Liquid eye liner in black on lash line
  • Zoom fast back lash mascara in black
  • Eye khol in Smolder on water line
  • Coquette e/s on brows
  • Studio Fix in C6
  • Hushabye blush (discontinued)
  • Strip down lip liner
  • Warm me up lipstick (limited edition)
All done! 


I hope you all enjoyed this look. This is one of my favorite combinations when I can't think of anything to put on my eyelids, or how about when I decide I feel like putting make-up on HA!




  1. Thank you boo,I did the best I could. Did you peep my disclaimer *cough, cough* hahhahaha

  2. awwww you look gorgeous girl!! next time put a little of those pigments I gave you on the lower lashline haha... I'm dying to see you wear some!! Your eyes are so beautiful girl.. I'm so glad you have your own blog dizzle now!!

  3. Yes I saw your disclaimer lol...you didnt even need it. You're a ton better than a lot of professionals out there. Don't even sweat it lol

  4. Thank you Ali, now that you mention it a nice bright color would have finished the look off. I don't know why I get afraid to put stuff on my lower lash line. I always feel like it would smudge quickly. I'm still learning lol.